Conditions for membership to Syntec Public Relations

Conditions for membership to Syntec Public Relations

To become a member of the Trade Association agencies must meet the particular terms and conditions and fulfil the following commitments:  

1.     their main business activities must be in the field of public relations,  

2.     agencies must come under French law and be listed under one of the French nomenclature codes (NAF) relevant to the activity of the Syntec Federation,  

3.     they must certify that they do not receive any operating subsidy, or any direct or indirect advantage likely to rig the competitive game,  

4.     they must present the balance sheets of their last two financial years,  

5.     they must have sufficient operating profit,  

6.     supply the names of three recent, precise references that can be checked, which will guarantee that tasks accepted in the past were executed correctly and professionally,  

7.     in exercising their business activities within the scope of the Trade Association, agencies must behave in a spirit of complete independence towards constructors, suppliers, contractors, political parties and in general all third party organisations,  

8.     charge the client for their work, surveys and consulting services in normal market conditions,  

9.     their managers must prove at least five years' experience in public relations or six years of professional experience, including two in public relations,  

10.   have a minimum of 5 permanent employees, including 3 full-time consultants,  

11.   agree to answer enquiries decided on by the Trade Association's Board of Directors and, more generally, agree to comply with all decisions taken by the conformer Trade Association's Board of Directors,  

12.   in exercising the profession or business activity within the scope of the Trade Association, agree to comply with the statutes and its rules and regulations, as well as with the Trade Association's professional code of ethics.

If these conditions are met, the agency applying may follow the membership procedure