Membership procedure

Membership procedure

To apply for membership, communication agencies specialising in public relations must come under French law, and must fulfil the conditions for membership.

If these conditions for membership are fulfilled, the application procedure is as follows:

1. The agency fills in a membership request* comprising the following documents:

- the application questionnaire, together with the requested documents in an annexe (balance sheet, DADS, presentation leaflet)
- the membership commitment.

2.  The application form duly completed is submitted to one of the Syntec Public Relations directors, designated by the Board of Directors to examine the application. In addition to this examination, the director meets the agency's manager(s) for an interview.

3.  The Board discusses whether or not to approve the application, taking into account the opinion of the director who examined the document. The agency is informed of the Board's decision by post.

* To obtain the application file, you can contact by email or phone the secretary's office on +331 44 30 49 91 and it will be sent to you.