• Frédérique Fragonard

    Frédérique Fragonard

    Associate Director
  • Xavier De Donceel

    Xavier De Donceel

    Associate Director


TimGrid is a corporate and digital communications agency designing e-reputation and influencing opinions on the worldwide web and social media. Our 3 departments cater your needs,

Monitoring and Analysis Strategy Consulting Content Management

We help companies and organizations become their own media


Meaning and Creativity


Because behavioral and communication codes on the internet evolve constantly. Because delinearized video revolutionizes image consumption patterns.

Because on the web, each one is becoming its own media.

To affect the web, it is important to associate strategic thought and image-oriented creativity, in order to impact communities.


We will


Apply the methods of corporate communication to digital communication.

Use social marketing to develop your brand’s audience.

Give priority to video and make it the tool to distinguish the brand’s message across all platforms and screens.

Manage your brand and its speech as a medium.

Concrete cases

Rue de la Formation




Prix Happy City

Who is Tim ? Why Grid ?


« Tim » to pay tribute to the man who shook up our lives and brought great progress to the sector of information and communication.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the Word Wide Web in the early 90s. These 3 letters « www. » turned our earth into a village. Today, he is the Open Data activist for the free flow of information on the web.

« Grid » comes from the concept of « smart grid », designed to optimize the electrical network between consumers and producers, through the internet. It is one of the backbones of the « Third Industrial Revolution » promoted by Jeremy Rifkin who foresaw the emergence of the Internet of energy, transportation etc…